Friday, 12 February 2010

In the mirror marketing

Is the world ready for another male body care product, maybe not. And will men really share the same brand that has so lovingly been built for the woman in our lives? But aren't some of us using it already? Is it just me or do other guys reach across the dressing table on the odd cold winter morning for a squidge of that feminine body cream.

If there is a cloaked market out there for male Dove body care products then will men embrace the Dove brand as part of their world? Gun metal grey packaging instead of white, orange and green typography instead of dark blue. And what about that tag line men+care, it's all true isn't it?

Successful marketing campaigns often play back a mirror reflection of who we actually are and then confirm that the product is part of our lives. In Doves case may be it already is a shared experience, so will a 'his' and 'hers' sit comfortably on the dressing table next to each other? I guess it depends who buys the groceries.

Anyway, here's to Dove for celebrating life!

Richard Ward.