Monday, 1 February 2010

Why all the fish?

We started The Flexible Marketing Company out of a response to business need. We had a name but we also wanted an image. We laid down a challenge for our good friend and creative illustrator Rory Muldoon to come up something neat. The results are visual studies on the Atlantic Mackerel and the story is right up our street!

These fish move at incredible speeds, some thing we often find our selves doing in business, responding to tight deadlines or having to rapidly implement a team into a commercial situation really quickly.

The Atlantic Mackerel are very tactical choosing to swim in groups that are compatible with each other. We find our flexible approach means we offer bespoke solutions that are complementary to in-house marketing teams.

And these fish are beautiful which we are sure you will agree is an attribute of ours once we have successfully worked on a project together!

So thanks Rory you have done a great job.

Richard Ward