Thursday, 4 February 2010

A new flexible future

I have been doing freelance marketing projects for the past 6 years or so. I love the variety of work, the unpredictable workload and the thrill of winning a new project. Working mainly with the educational publishing field, I am able to provide extra marketing resource for companies whose marketing departments are at full stretch or who are going through a re-structure.

However I have been restricted on what I can take on as there was only so much time available and not enough of me to go round. There are areas to develop, where I could do more for clients and take on more interesting work. I had been looking for an opportunity to work collaboratively in order to achieve this.

I have known Sandra Bullen in her design agency capacity for a decade and used her agency for many projects. We discovered our shared amibition to create a new company with like-minded individuals who are focussed on delivering great marketing results to clients who need a more flexible approach and so The Flexible Marketing Company was created.

I'm looking forward to an exciting flexible future, offering our clients the type of marketing support they need, as and when they want it.

Jo Dickie